"During the Happiness Lessons children get a chance to practice paying attention, understanding, expressing and discussing their feelings, they experience the effects of the different happiness enhancing techniques, so it would be desirable to introduce the Program as early as possible, in kindergarten age, because the sooner they encounter these things, the sooner they can apply them in their own life. These experiences will have a great impact on their future and these children will more likely become happy adults."
Zita Pásztor Hényelné
Head of Gézengúz Kindergarten and Nursery, Csécse, Hungary
"The theoretical background of the manuals is professionally put together, it contains colorful and varied activities, very entertaining for the kids, who get the chance to work individually or in teams, using their creative powers to accomplish the tasks and challenges."
Dóra Morvai Fábiánné
teacher, Veszprém, Hungary
"In our school we have Happiness Lessons in every class - it creates a wonderful, cohesive and community. It would be great if parents could continue this work with the children at home. As a result of the Program, the family atmosphere and the experience of togetherness would improve, they would be able to learn new ways of problem solving, conflict management, and family dynamics, just as we have experienced in our school."
Erzsi Mák
teacher, Keréktelek, Hungary
"Dear Happiness Lessons Team! Thank you so much for the Online Activity Bank you provided during the coronavirus and online learning period. This Bank is a true treasure box! Thank you so much for your support and help in these difficult and challenging times - this is such a big thing in this world!"
Jutka Bálizs
Dečji vrtić “Snežana-Hófehérke” Kindergarten Zenta, Serbia