How to join us?

Step 01

Register on our website – this is the way for us to get to know a little bit about you. The website tells you a lot about us.

Step 02

In return you can download some sample material from our manuals – so that you get a feeling of our methodology and mentality.

Step 03

Try it out with a group of children. Experiment. Explore. Enjoy. We are interested in your feedback, so leave a comment or drop us an email about your experiences.

Step 04

If you would like to learn more, come and apply for a training with us – here we teach you the core of our methodology, do a lot of self-reflection, try out games and activities so that you know what you give to the kids.

Step 05

When trained, you will get access to our resources and materials, which will help you with more creative ideas for each topic we are working with.

Step 06

Then comes REAL LIFE – apply it, use it, experiment with it and enjoy the results!

Step 07

We intend to build a community of the professionals/parents who will be working actively with our materials, and offer you more opportunities for professional development in the field of positive psychology based methodology.

Information about The Program

And what's More?

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