Happiness lesson resources are designed
for four age groups:

For children ages 3 to 6

For nursery and preschoolers and their carers to plant a positive mindset from the beginning.

For pupils ages 6 to 10

For elementary students and their teachers/parents to foster those seeds of happiness, growth mindset, positivity and wellbeing.

For students ages 10 to 14

For secondary students and their teachers/parents to strengthen those happiness skills and to support flourishing.

For young people ages 14 to 20

For high school students and their teachers/parents to build a strentgh focused environment and burst self-confidence.

Our materials contain a handbook for teachers and parents and a workbook for kids

Workbook for children ages 3 to 6

Manual for
Teachers and Parents

Workbook for children ages 6 to 10

Manual for
Teachers and Parents

Workbook for children ages 10 to 14

Manual for
Teachers and Parents

Happiness Lesson Basics

Based on Sonja Lyubomirsky’s work:
Each topic contains:

Practicing gratitude

List five things from today that you feel grateful for (people, places, events, meetings, special moments).


What can you do to create a great tomorrow for yourself? Name three things.

Nurturing relationships

Send a note to someone special with a kind message.

Act of kindness

Who was the last person who did something good for you? Thank them. PLan to do something good, however small it is, for them.

Setting and achieving goals

What is your most important goal for you right now? What are the things you are already doing to achieve it? What more could you do? Who can help you with that?

Coping strategies

Which strategy are you already using when in stress: reading, exercise, nature, music, talking to a friend, writing, meditation?

Savoring life's joys

What little things make you happy? Small happy moments in your life? Today try to dwell in them for a bit longer than you usually do and take them in.

Practising forgiveness

Don’t hesitate to say sorry when you need to. And don’t hesitate to accept apologies.

Physical activity

Set up a 30 mins exercise challenge for yourself today. May it be running, walking or trekking - just go and do it. And try to really enjoy every minute of it, being grateful for the body you have!

Sustainable happiness

Which is your favourite happiness enhancing technique? Which one you haven’t tried? Give it a go today!