For Parents

For a happier childhood

What do you wish for your child for life?

We, as parents, wherever we live in this world, will give similar answers: joy, safety, contentment, good friends, dedication, motivation, a promising career, a loving family… all in all HAPPINESS. This is the most important thing. For all of us, parents of our children.

The good news is that we CAN prepare them for a happy life. We CAN teach them life skills that will help them out in hardships and difficulties. We CAN equip them with knowledge and techniques that become vital tools in their toolbox for life in the future.

This is what our Program wants to help you with.

We would like to help you grow in

Happiness Lessons do not only affect the children’s lives but they have a great impact on the life and mindset of the educator, the parent, the adult. Children learn by seeing and hearing, by witnessing things – that is why it is vitally important that we, parents train ourselves first and become a more and more authentic, living example of what we believe in for our kids.

If you would like your kid to take part in Happiness Lessons in their school or as an afternoon activity, recommend the Program to a professional.

Our mission is to – based on the results of research and techniques of positive psychology – offer methodology and techniques for adults (professionals and parents) who can then help children acquire and practice skills that will help them through a lifetime in living a happy and satisfied life.